Thailand ~ 2017

2017 the year I finished school, the year I was ready to escape, the year I was ready to learn but most of all the year to finding myself.

Upon the end of my final weeks of HSC I decided it was time to book a holiday. The decision to go somewhere happened around 7pm one night, booked and paid by 11pm the same night. To this day one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I started my adventure by meeting my Contiki travel group in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, oh what a city. Crazy roads, oh what crazy roads. The realisation had hit that I was in South East Asia as soon as I stepped foot into my taxi. My driver didn’t speak English well at all, not to worry google translate helped get me to where I needed to be. There were so many highlights of my short time in Bangkok. Although, there are some that stood out more than others. The food, how could you not love the delicious, fresh street food? Wat Arun Temple, such a pleasure to be able to visit and see the pure beauty at this glorious temple, take a look below to see what I mean.

Next on the agenda was Kanchanaburi. If you ever go to Thailand and are in Bangkok I urge you to make your way to this special destination. The Jungle Raft Hotel on the River Kwai was our final destination for the evening. I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful and natural area to spend my night. The hotel floats on the river and has no power, so it was a great way to get the phones away and get to know everyone in the group. The morning was spent by jumping in the river at the far end of the hotel and pulling yourself back up the ladder at the other end, a struggle but so fulfilling.

Next we made our way to northern Thailand, Chang Mai calls for a spicy cooking class and a visit to the Elephant Nature Park.
Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and sanctuary for elephants in the Chang Mai Province. We were able to have the privilege of feeding and bathing these elephants. After wards we were educated on inhumane treatment towards elephants within South East Asia, something I urge everyone to educate themselves on.

My 6 night journey through Thailand has come to an end. I’m off to my next country in South East Asia.
I look forward to sharing that story next.

Bek xx

Something New

I’m a person who constantly introduces new “things” to my lifestyle, before quickly removing them again.
So, the new thing for this week is creating a blog, letting my feelings out but most importantly sharing my beautiful and interesting travel moments with you all. I’m am hoping to hold onto this hobby and share my experiences and hope that these can help others.

A little about myself – I’m a 19 year old female living in a country town within New South Wales, Australia. I have grown up experiencing the world and have always been told to learn and grow from others and accept everyone for themselves. I work within the Travel Industry helping create spectacular holidays for my clients. In my spare time I travel anywhere I can, as well as spending time with my beautiful family.

So here goes to sharing my life, my travels and most importantly my experiences.

Bek xx